The Elms Angling Society - a fishing club in the heart of Rickmansworth.


PLEASE CHECK THE FISHING REGISTRATION PAGE FOR UPDATES – WE WILL UPDATE FROM TIME TO TIME WHEN WE FEEL IT IS APPROPRIATE. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL COMMUNICATION, UPDATES ARE REFLECTED ONLY ON THE REGISTRATION PAGE. Dear member Now that we can re-open to fishing we have had a lot of things to consider. A lot of people may still not be working, and while we will are all keen to go fishing again, The Elms (more…)


Below is the summary of the where the new oxygenating plants have been planted.Please do not fish to these areas.They are not marked, but are in the margins up to around 3m out, as described below which should be fairly clear when you are there. Thanks Weed bed locations. All descriptions as viewed looking towards the lake. Old names or swim numbers in brackets. STARTING IN THE CAR PARK, THE LOCATIONS ARE IN ORDER WALKING (more…)

Quick update 4/5/20

While the lake remains closed we just wanted to circulate a quick email to give you a couple of updates. As soon as the situation changes we will let everyone know. 1. Angling Trust appeal The Angling Trust are asking anglers to write to their MPs to support the case for angling safely resuming within government guidelines should amendments be made to those guidelines at the next review date (7 May) or later. They have (more…)

Important Update – March 2020

Given the further measures announced early this week, the working party on Sunday is postponed. We will reschedule when the situation is clearer. Tickets will be issued on the basis that we will catch up with working parties when we can. With the restrictions on non-essential travel, and the requirements for people to remain at home, going fishing is not an option for any of us at the moment. The Angling Trust are currently seeking (more…)

Clubhouse / General Rubbish

The clubhouse is left open for everyone to use. Unfortunately over the last year it seems to have become a bit of a dumping ground. Members are asked not to leave anything in the clubhouse – no trollies, no fishing tackle, and please no broken tools or unwanted household items! On Saturday everything left in the clubhouse is going to be cleared out, if you have left anything in there that you don’t want to (more…)

Lake Closure / Tree Works

We need to get some essential tree work done around the lake, and it is estimated that it will take 5 days. Because of the amount of work that is going to be done we have decided to close the lake for safety reasons. There will be no access to The Elms from 7am on 27th January, for the duration of that week. The lock on the metal gates to the lake will be changed (more…)

2019 renewals and working parties

Dear member, We all hope you had a good season. As you will probably realise your membership renewal is due by 31st March. The website has been updated to enable you to register for working parties and complete your renewal. Please use the renewal form on the website, it will generate an email with payment instructions. Please try and pay by bank transfer if you can. All members are expected to attend 2 working parties or (more…)

Data Protection / GDPR

NEW GENERAL DATE PROTECTION REGULATIONS (GDPR)  The above Regulations come into force on 26th May 2018. The Elms Angling Society is obliged to inform members of the following privacy statement regarding members personal data held by the Society.  ‘The Elms Angling Society only holds personal data that you, the member has supplied. This data will only be used by the Society and will not be shared with any third party. The data will only be (more…)